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Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst

Kohut’s “self psychology” re-imagined psychanalysis as a theory and practice based on empathy. Many had flailed at the stout walls of classical ego psychology. It took someone from the inside, a man who at first had firmly embraced orthodoxy, to think things from the ground up,


“This impeccably researched book, written in a clear elegant style that clarifies even complicated ideas carries us along like an exciting novel.”

– Sophie Freud, American Journal of Psychotherapy

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The New World of Self

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Charles B. Strozier,
Konstantine Pinteris, Kathleen Kelley, and Deborah Cher

The New World of Self

Heinz Kohut is a foundational thinker who revolutionized psychoanalytic theory and the practice of psychotherapy. In a burst of creativity from the mid-1960s until his death in 1981, he reimagined the field in a way that made it open, mutual, relational, and inclusive. His conceptualization of a holistic self that is in an ongoing relationship with others represented a paradigm shift from the purely intrapsychic Freudian model of id/ego/superego.

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Chuck Strozier Books in chronological order:

    • Self Psychology and the Humanities: Reflections on a New Psychoanalytic Approach (1985)
    • Apocalypse: On the Psychology of Fundamentalism in America (1994)
    • Trauma and the Self (1996)
    • Genocide, War, and Human Survival (1996)
    • The Year 2000: Essays on the End (1997)
    • Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst (2001)
    • Lincoln’s Quest for Union: A Psychological Study (revised edition) (2001)
    • The Fundamentalist Mindset: Psychological Perspectives on Religion, Violence, and History (2010)
    • Until the Fires Stopped Burning: 9/11 and New York City in the Words and Experiences of Survivors and Witnesses (2011)
    • Your Friend Forever, A. Lincoln:  The Enduring Friendship of Abraham Lincoln and Joshua Speed (2016)
    • The New World of Self (2022)

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The New World Self

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The Miracle of Peace: Northern Ireland, John Alderdice, and the End of the Troubles
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