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By Chuck Strozier

Heinz Kohut: The Making of a Psychoanalyst

This biography shows Heinz Kohut (1913-1981) as a paradigmatic figure in American intellectual life; a charismatic man whose ideas embodied the hopes and confusions of a country still in turmoil after war and Holocaust.  Kohut stood at the center of the mid-twentieth-century psychoanalytic movement and then transformed it in the next two decades.  Born in Vienna, Kohut was raised in an assimilated Jewish family, imbued with European high culture. He trained in medicine at the University of Vienna before being forced to emigrate in 1939 after the Nazis took over.  Kohut settled in Chicago where he made his life for the next four decades.


Chuck Strozier

It is an act of outrageous narcissism to list one’s accomplishments for a website such as the one you are reading. The best I can do in this narrative portion of my self presentation is try an occupy that liminal space between naming what I think I have done of note in my life without puffing myself up like a balloon to be popped.

Lincoln’s Quest For Union

Lincoln’s Quest for Union gives a probing account of Lincoln’s inner life–from his childhood in Kentucky and Indiana, through his youth and adulthood in Illinois, amid years of struggle finding himself, through his ascent to the presidency when he guided the nation and articulated for the country the meaning of the Civil War. 

Your Friend Forever

On April 15, 1837, a “long, gawky” Abraham Lincoln walked into Joshua Speed’s dry-goods store in Springfield, Illinois, and asked what it would cost to buy the materials for a bed. Speed said seventeen dollars, which Lincoln didn’t have. He asked for a loan to cover that amount until Christmas. Speed was taken with his visitor, but, as he said later,

Until The Fires Stopped Burning

Based on the testimony of survivors, bystanders, spectators, and victim’s friends and families, Until the Fires Stopped Burning brings much-needed clarity to the conscious and unconscious meaning of 9/11 and its relationship to historical disaster, apocalyptic experience, unnatural death, and the psychological endurance of trauma.

This is a remarkable book with extraordinary insights about the inner life of Abraham Lincoln. It will be read and studied for years to come, for Charles Strozier brings to every chapter the very qualities that Lincoln himself possessed—empathy, wisdom, balance, and creativity.

– Doris Kearns Goodwin

Charles B. Stozier long ago established himself as a pioneering student of Lincoln’s inner life. He now returns to the field with the first comprehensive study of Lincoln’s close friendship with Joshua Speed. If history is any guide, Strozier’s compelling account of this crucial aspect of the Lincoln biography is sure to become definitive.

-James Oakes, author of The Crooked Path to Abolition

This is the only work on 9/11 to describe people’s experiences in depth while at the same time providing a broad sense of the human impact on he whole event.

– Robert Lifton

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